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Winter swimming

Take a winter dip for a healthier you

Taking a dip in winter is a fantastic nature experience that makes you happier, healthier and more alert. Stepping into the icy water releases a firework of endorphins in the body. Combined with a visit to the sauna, this experience is wonderful for both body and soul. In our part of Småland you are always close to a winter dip spot. Here are some places where you can combine your swim with a hot sauna.

The sauna raft at Isaberg Mountain Resort

At Isaberg you can rent the cosy sauna raft located in Algustorpasjön. Enjoy the warmth and tranquility as you look out over the frozen lake. You can take a cooling and refreshing dip via the raft's bathing ladder. A wave-maker motor beneath the raft prevents the water freezing around it, even in sub-zero temperatures.


At Hestraviken's "Riverside spa" you can enjoy both a dip in both hot and cold waters. The nature-inspired spa offers three hot outdoor pools and a sauna area that extends out over the Nissan river. For those who want a more refreshing experience, a winter dip can be taken at the jetty by the Nissan river.


Keep the following in mind when taking a dip during the winter

  • Preferably enter the water with someone else – it's both more fun and safer.

  • Use a ladder when taking a dip as it is easier to get out of the water.

  • Use bathing shoes as well as mittens and cap.

  • Do not stay in the water for too long, a short dip is sufficient.

  • Bring warm clothes that are easy to put on.

  • Warm up prior to entering the water, for example, by using the sauna or exercising.

  • Have a hot drink upon exit.

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