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Food experiences

Why not try cooking your own food, take a course with others or bring your friends and learn how to cook over an open fire or how to make ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake) the old fashioned way or to make pizza like an Italian.

Dining studio at Isaberg Höganloft

Fresh air, the tranquility of the forest and the smell of coffee have an effect on everybody. Let the campfire become your workshop and the fresh Småland air a tool for energy and new ideas. Smoke from the fire, hot sooty cast iron pans and natural ingredients all come together to create a wonderful and long-awaited meal. Let the staff take you on a gastronomic journey using an open fire in the Småland forest.

Choose from the following:
- Wilderness gourmet
- Campfire Morning
- Forest Meal
- Burger Building

Dining studio at Loftet
Höganloft's culinary courses are the perfect way to combine meeting people and food! Handling wonderful ingredients together, discussing recipes and keeping your fingers in check with really sharp knives with the aroma of good food and the flavours of a good wine creates relationships for life.

Choose from the following:
- The Kitchen Adventure
- The Master Chef
- Wine & Food

Summer courses at Stora Segerstad Naturbrukscentrum

At Stora Segerstad Naturbrukscentrum you can learn how to bake ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake) with a relaxing summer hostel backdrop. 
You will learn how to bake genuine Smålandish ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake). You will learn how to curdle milk. Resulting in 1.2 litres of ostkaka that you can take home. After trying your hand at baking, you will invited to try different types of bread baked with whey, and, of course, ostkaka with jam and cream

Enjoy Neapolitan pizza buffet at Villa Magasinet Arnåsholm

Book a seat at Villa Magasinet Arnåsholm and experience pizza baked in the on-site pizza oven in the garden.

Gather good friends or the family for an unforgettable evening where you can enjoy Neapolitan pizza in a homely and relaxed environment. Choose to sit inside the cozy villa, on the veranda, in the greenery of the garden or in the orangery.

The pizzas are served in batches, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy each taste experience and each other's company.

Pizza baking at Erikson Cottage

Gather your family, friends or colleagues for an unforgettable experience where we guide you through the feeling of being a Neapolitan pizzaolo. The wood-fired, Italian, pizza oven (which weighs 1 tonne and achieves a baking temperature of up to 500 degrees) guarantees perfect baking according to Neapolitan tradition. In addition to the magnificent taste experience, Erikson’s promises a wonderful cooking adventure with laughter and floury hands. Beer/wine/comprehensive courses.
(Minimum 8 people)


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