Image illustrating Bolmen Farja

Lake Bolmen

Experience life around Sweden’s tenth largest lake

Bolmen lies between Småland and Halland and is surrounded by deep, tranquil forests and interesting wildlife.  The lake has over 300 islands, the largest being Bolmsö, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge in one direction and a ferry on the other side of the island in the other direction.  You can take the scheduled ferry from idyllic Sunnaryd to Bolmsö. The ferry is free of charge and you decide whether you want to take the car or maybe cycle over to Bolmsö. At the ferry terminal you will also find our summer tourist office, a tourist information office with that little bit more. In addition to maps, brochures and personal recommendations of experiences in the area, you can buy ice cream enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and fill up your picnic basket with cakes, candies and drinks. Games are also available to borrow while waiting for the ferry. 


Bolmen has shallow, wind-sheltered bays, steep slopes and some current affected headlands that offer great spots for angling, spinning and fly fishing. The large open waters provide the opportunity for great trolling fishing. Fishing in the lake is mainly focused on perch, pike and pike-perch, but there are also bream, tench, eel, trout and burbot. During the summer you can buy charts and fishing licenses from our tourist information office at the ferry dock in Sunnaryd.


With its 365 islands, Bolmen is a fantastically beautiful location for canoeing. There are plenty of islands to moor up to for swimming, sunbathing or studying the rich wildlife. Why not canoe or kayak around Bolmen's largest island, Bolmsö or follow the Laganleden route that takes you all the way to the Kattegat. You can camp overnight in a shelter or stay at Store Sten B&B, which is located right by the water or the quaint Alpaca farm "Pelles i Sunnaryd" which offers lots of fun activities.

Swimming and boating 

Bolmen offers a fantastic swimming and boating life. Just north of the ferry terminal is the Kårehamn marina which also boasts a guest jetty and a bathing area. Out on Bolmsö there is also a beautiful bathing spot overlooking the lake and its bird and boat life.

Cycling and hiking 

Cycling and hiking are very popular in the surroundings of Lake Bolmen. There are many cycling and hiking opportunities in the Bolmen area. For example, you can choose to cycle/hike around the whole of Bolmen or around the northern part of the lake. The trail offers interesting history with prehistoric graves, rune stones, legends and ancient monuments from earlier times. The landscape is varied with forests, open landscapes and lake views.  Certain trails are not marked but are available in digital and printed format. 

Culture and history 

In the past, this part of Småland was called "Finnvedens folkland". Today, this area is classified as of national interest for heritage conservation. The cultural environment is particularly valuable, and all periods from the Neolithic to the Viking Age are represented in the form of various ancient remains. The name Bolmen comes from an Old Swedish word that means "large".