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Golf, Spa & Unique accommodations

Experience the best of golf, spa and unique accommodation with us - your perfect destination for relaxation and recreation! Book your dream holiday with us today and let us create an unforgettable experience for you

Enjoy the luxury of the Riverside Spa with hot baths and a hot sauna while looking out over nature.

Hestraviken - Riverside spa

A natural spa experience in the middle of Småland with an unbeatable view of Nissan. The 1,100 square meter facility has a unique location by the river and includes a new hotel section. The spa area has a relaxing atmosphere with three heated outdoor pools, a sauna, lounges with fireplaces and a large terrace for sunny days. There is also a café, treatment rooms and new hotel rooms here.

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Enjoy a calm and peaceful sauna experience at Isaberg.

At Isaberg there are two cozy sauna raft located down by the lake. Here you can enjoy a nice sauna in beautiful surroundings with family and friends.

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Play golf in magnificent views, on culturally historic land and in enchanting nature

Isaberg's golf club

Play golf in magnificent views, on culturally historic land, in an enchanting nature located in the old mill environment at Nissafors Mill. Here there are two high-class 18-hole courses with great variety in a captivating environment with fantastic training opportunities, restaurant and accommodation directly on the facility.

Reftele Golf Club

Reftele golf club offers a familiar and pleasant 18-hole golf course. The course is a moderately hilly forest and meadow course with some water.

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Unique accommodations; Have a magical experience in the wild, live in a glass house surrounded by forest and nature or live luxuriously and spartanly at the same time.

Erikson Cottage

Live in a glass house, surrounded by forest and nature. Erikson Cottage offers a unique experience with living in a glass house, choose whether you want to live in the deep forest or with a view of the lake.

Bönabo Norrgård

Welcome to Bönabo Norrgård - the ultimate Swedish countryside experience. Live off-grid in the unique cabin surrounded by water and forest. Meet the farm's various animals or visit the farm shop. The cabin is a sanctuary in nature, with total silence and an experience out of the ordinary. Built with wood from our own forest makes it both unique and sustainable. Inside, it is furnished in a state-of-the-art fashion, but lacks electricity and water, giving an authentic experience of the simple life.

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