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Day trips

Be part of the adventure at High Chaparral

Exciting adventures await at High Chaparral in a genuine Wild West environment, where you yourself are part of the adventure. Experience action-packed shows, meet villains like the Dalton brothers and train robbers, pan for gold, step aboard a paddle steamer, meet Zorro and his friends or head off at full gallop on the stick horse. At High Chaparral, things happen all the time when you least expect it.

High Chaparral is known for all its shows with breathtaking stunts, colorful dances, comedy, song and music – and all shows are included in the admission fee.

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Shopping trip to Sweden's largest department store Gekås

In the Isaberg region, it is not further than that you can make a day trip to the famous department store Gekås in Ullared. The small shop that once started on the ground floor of a villa in Ullared is today Sweden's most popular destination. The retail space in the department store is 44,500 m², has 82 checkouts and can accommodate 8,900 customers at the same time. Gekås Ullared has 9,000 shopping carts, 10,000 shopping baskets and 3,500 parking spaces.

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Store Mosse National Park

Store Mosse offers impressive expanses, which bring to mind the mountain world. The nature of the bog is characterized by a great diversity in both the animal and plant kingdoms, with everything from lakes and marshes to cranes, moose and eagles. Here you can hike and discover nature on your own by following one of the hiking trails that are available

The hiking trails at Store Mosse go over sedges and vary in length between 500 meters and 14 kilometers. The 500 meter long fairytale path - Skogstrollens stig, is a fun option for families with children. Along the path you will meet little trolls, weasels, small animals, birds, butterflies, flowers and lichens.

For those who are interested in birds or want to enjoy the view, there is a bird tower approximately 150 meters from the large parking lot at the main entrance. The tower is twelve meters high with a lovely view of Lake Kävsjön and the swing plane.

There is a Nature Room in the park where you can study birds indoors through a large panoramic window. At the nature center you can also read about the history of the bog and take part in various exhibitions and activities.

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Between the fields on the edge of Småland's Värnamo is Vandalorum, a museum where the most influential art and design of our time is displayed. Vandalorum is a living museum. 10-15 unique exhibitions per year are shown here, which present prominent contemporary designers and artists, both Swedish and international. The buildings, reminiscent of the monumental drying barn that once stood on the site, are constructed according to an original concept by award-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano. Outside Vandalorum there is also a 3,500 m² perennial meadow created by Oudolf, who is one of the world's foremost garden designers.

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Hyltens Indsutrimuseum

Take a step back in time and visit Hyltén's industrial museum in Gnosjö. Here you step into a completely preserved metal factory as it looked around the early 20th century. Hylténs is a completely unique museum that showcases the early modernized Gnosjö spirit and the man behind it, J.E Hyltén. The factory still operates today through a belt drive that is powered by its own hydroelectric plant, which is over 100 years old. All machines and tools work and products are still produced on a small scale and sold in the own shop. You can e.g. buy school and ship's bells, candle sharpeners and mortars cast and turned on site.

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