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Restaurang Höganloft

With a taste of Småland

The kitchen is inspired by “A taste of Småland” that is combined with traditional Swedish cooking and classic dishes from around the world. The staff’s own favourites are Raggmunk (Potato pancakes) and pizza Helrätt with influences from Alsace. Höganloft restaurant works with local ingredients and suppliers and adapts the menu and dishes according to the season. A selection of café treats is also available. In summer you can enjoy the proximity to nature on the wonderful outdoor terrace.

Children are always welcome!
The restaurant offers a children's menu and a children's corner that they can creep into when it gets too boring to wait at the table with the adults. During the summer season, the large playground located a stone's throw from the outdoor terrace is very popular.

Isaberg is a perfect place for conferences and kickoffs with activities all year round! How about taking a team culinary course in the food studio or going on an adventure or hike in a nature reserve ideal for that outdoor experience? Or play golf on one of Sweden's most beautiful courses or book a ski conference in the winter, with après ski?

Courses, culinary school and wine tasting
Höganloft's culinary courses are the perfect way to combine meeting people and food! Handling wonderful ingredients together, discussing recipes and keeping your fingers in check with really sharp knives with the aroma of good food and the flavours of a good wine creates relationships for life. How about; Barbecuing with the chef, food studio either inside or out in the woods or La grande famiglia in cucina.


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