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Cafes, farm shops and flea markets

Summer Adventures: Coffee, Farm Visits and Flea Markets

What gives a more summery feeling than enjoying a coffee outside and then setting off on a journey of discovery to different farms to shop for locally produced goodies? Explore our farms to taste the best the season has to offer. Go on a flea market adventure and find nuggets to take home, perhaps a nostalgic gadget or a beautiful find that evokes joy and memories.


Enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked coffee bread in one of our cafes. Here you will find a selection of our summer-open cafes out in nature.

Fill up the pantry and enjoy locally produced products

Fill the pantry with fresh drinks musted and juiced from various fruits. Buy vegetables directly from the grower and eggs from free-range chickens. Enjoy hand-made soaps or a cup of tea in self-designed ceramics. The opening hours of the farm shops may vary, so please check that they are open before your visit.

Bargain at Småland prices at a flea market

Few experiences beat the feeling of a real flea market find. In the Isaberg region, there are many cozy second-hand shops where you can find bargains at Småland prices.

Secondhand Red Cross Hestra

Secondhand Red Cross Anderstorp

Secondhand Red Cross Burseryd

Hela människan Gislaved

Lager130 Gislaved

Secondhand Pingstkyrkan Smålandsstenar

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