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Harvest times - locally produced

Autumn also means harvest times and it is now that you can enjoy fruit and vegetables in all their colours. In the Isaberg region, REKO-ring offers sales once a month, the Gårdsrundan is arranged during September and the farm shops are open. 


REKO ring Acts as a buying and selling platform between consumers and local producers without intermediaries. You can either order via the Facebook group; REKO-ring Gislaved or shop directly on site.

Upcoming dates:August 30September 27,October 25November 29December 20 Time 18:00 -18:30 at Danska vägen 13, behind Gislaved's Industrial Museum

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Farm shops

Fill the pantry with fresh drinks musted and juiced from various fruits. Buy vegetables directly from the grower and eggs from free-range chickens. Enjoy hand-made soaps or a cup of tea in self-designed ceramics. The opening hours of the farm shops may vary, so please check that they are open before your visit.

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