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‘Lunch of the Day’ - Gislaved

Carlssons Matsalar & Pensionat

Situated at Weland Industri Centrum in Gislaved, midway between Gislaved and Anderstorp centre. It offers traditional Swedish dishes and there are always two options. 

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Restaurang Ströget

Hotel and restaurant right in the centre of Gislaved. 

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El Taller De Franko

Here you can choose from the daily special, a vegetarian option, schnitzel, fish and salad of the week. 

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Sun Sushi

Enjoy freshly made sushi. A variety of great Japanese dishes are offered here such as Nigiri, Maki, Yakinuki, Dumplings, Yakitori and Poké Bowl.

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Baba Gannug Restaurant

Authentic Syrian restaurant that offers an intimate experience of Syrian cuisine, both in taste and quality.

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Here you will experience Asia's different cuisines with food from Thailand, China and Vietnam, all on a buffet. There is also a large selection of sushi with all its accompaniments. Round off lunch with fried banana and soft scoop ice cream.

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The restaurant is run by students and teachers in the Restaurant and Food Programme and is part of the programme's curriculum. Lunch is served on days when the students do not have training or holidays, and popular evening events with different themes are also held several times per semester.

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Otherwise, our pizzerias, Burger King and snack bars offer food throughout the day.