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MTB trails Anderstorp & Smålandsstenar

Anderstorps OK has an active MTB section where they offer training for young people and exercisers but also for those who are active in competition.

You are very welcome to contact the club, whether you are a beginner, want to challenge yourself or simply want to find good company to cycle with on fantastic trails around Anderstorp, Gislaved, Gnosjö

Mountain biking in Anderstorp

In Anderstorp you can choose to cycle the 2.3 km Hyttbanan trail or the 4 km Jonsbobanan trail. Start at Gläntan or from Töråsskolan's car park. Signposted from both directions.

The Jonsbobanan trail is of intermediate difficulty. The course has 3 starting places, opposite Hyttbanan's start, Knutpunkten and at Töråsskolan. See map. Jonsbobanan is a very varied trail with great flowing berms, downhills and uphills in beautiful terrain. Mosquito highway that runs along Anderstorpsån is a lovely stretch with small hills and bridges. This track can be cycled slowly but it can also be guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping. Jonsbobanan Strava

Hyttbanan is difficult The track has one starting place. See map. Hyttbanan takes you through fine spruce and pine forests with technically difficult elements, but there are, of course, B and C tracks as well. This course is technical, slightly harder and more undulating with small obstacles. Hyttbanan signs are currently being replaced. Hyttbanan Strava

The courses are built by volunteers and are under construction in various places and are continuously being improved. We try to build the courses in a safe way with both simple and advanced loops and track selections. (Difficulty: A, B and C tracks). Where track A is the hardest and C the easiest. The courses follow IMBA EU grading and signage systems. The green course is easy, blue intermediate, red difficult and black severe. Jonsbobanan is of intermediate difficulty and has shortcuts at difficult obstacles so that everyone can ride it. It has blue name signs and directional arrows. IMBA EUs grading is based on how technically difficult the course is, not how physically hard work it is. You determine your own pace. Along the courses, the obstacles are colour-marked indicating the severity of the obstacle (Green, blue, red or black). The coloured arrow also indicates the direction in which the various obstacles are located. In some places, the courses run along the same route and the name of the course is above and the directional arrow under the name sign. Be extremely careful when riding the first lap on any of the tracks to ensure that you can manage the obstacles. Feel free to stop and look at how to take the obstacles in the safest, easiest and smoothest way. Any use of the courses is entirely at your own risk. We recommend that the bike has sealed handlebar ends and that your helmet is close fitting, with its straps fastened snugly under the chin. There are several different places to start on the different courses. See maps. The courses are also available as routes and segments on Strava and Trailforks. (App for phone, website for training)

Mountain biking in Smålandsstenar

A great MTB area with superb MTB tracks that start from the clubhouse by the illuminated track.

There are two different courses, one of 3.1 km and the other 6 km.