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Courses & Guided tours

Take your cycling to the next level and book an MTB course. 

Learn better basic technique from scratch, or learn new skills for the bike park and trails. Regardless of your skill level and how you want to ride the mountain, Isaberg has courses to make your mountain biking even more fun, safer and more stylish.

Gain more speed, get better flow and movement on the trails, attempt more jumps and drops in the arena. Join one of the many MTB courses held over the summer.

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Trailfit helps you with your mountain biking!

It doesn't matter if you're the "best in the world" or just starting to ride, Trailfit will help you take your cycling to the next level!
It doesn’t matter whether you are a trail cyclist, XC rider, enduro rider or pump track enthusiast. Whatever your cycling goals, they have the relevant coaching for you.
Book Trailfit for more personal and professional MTB training in the Hestra/Isaberg region.

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