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The hotel ghost

The ghost keeps an eye on the hotel

A stay at Hotel Nissastigen gives you the opportunity to meet Valborg, the old hotel ghost. She was the wife of the cellar master of Hotel Birger, which was where Hotel Nissastigen currently now stands. In 1944, a fire broke out at Hotel Birger. It is said that Valborg ran in to save her cat from the flames. However, the fire was so severe that Valborg could not escape, so she sought shelter in the bathtub of one of the hotel rooms. Unfortunately, the hotel burned to the ground and poor Valborg and the cat died in the fire. 

Two years later, a new hotel was built on the site. Strange occurrences started to happen in the new hotel and visitors have testified that it is haunted. Current hoteliers Anna and Josefin say that sometimes completely inexplicable things happen at the hotel. Most activity has been in room 405, which is located in the same place as the room where Valborg died. Anna and Josefin believe that Valborg is still at the hotel to make sure that they take good care of her hotel and take good care of the guests.