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Farm shops

Stock up your pantry and enjoy locally produced products

Stock up your pantry with fresh drinks made from different fruits. Buy vegetables directly from the farmer and eggs from free-range hens. Enjoy hand-made soaps or a cup of tea in homemade ceramics. Farm shop opening hours may vary, so please check before visiting.



The small seasonal shop in Broaryd offers fresh honey, apple mulled wine and apple juice without additives from pesticide-free fruit picked in the local area. At the farm shop you can also juice your own garden fruit. The shop is unmanned and is open around the clock during late summer and autumn. 

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Henja milk

Just outside Gislaved is the small village of Henja. Here you will find Henja mjölk, which is a dairy farm with its own milk shop, where you can buy fresh milk (pasteurised) in glass bottles, just like in the old days. In the summer you can also watch the cute calves, lambs and hens on the farm.  The farm shop, which is unmanned, is always open for self-service. 

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Ladans kuriosa 

Ladans kuriosa is located in the small village of Asserbo outside Hestra. The farm's barn houses a cosy café, a flea market and a shop where you can buy ceramics handmade by the farm's owner. The shop has irregular opening hours. For more information, visit Ladans kuriosa on social media. 

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Övergården’s soap

Handmade on the farm in Ulvestorp. Each recipe is unique and the soaps are made with high quality, organic ingredients. An unmanned soap kiosk can be found in the yard that is open around the clock during spring, summer and autumn. For more information visit Övergården's website or social media.

Övergården’s soap

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Nennesholms Grönsaksbod

A seasonal farm shop with small-scale vegetable cultivation just outside the house. Here you can buy vegetables, potatoes, cut flowers, wreaths, eggs from the farm's own hens and locally produced goods from the local area such as rapeseed oil, honey and juices. The farm shop, which is unmanned, is always open for self-service. 

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In Släthultboden you can buy meat from the farm, homemade cheesecake according to old family recipe, jams, marmalades, spices, sauces, dressings, bread and crafts and more.



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Pelles in Sunnaryd

The alpaca farm, Pelles in Sunnaryd, is a stone's throw from Lake Bolmen. At the "Enitaget" farm shop you can buy the farm's own alpaca yarn and other alpaca handicraft products. Pelles in Sunnaryd also offers a variety of farm activities such as an "alpaca experience", "farm life" and "firehouse stories". The shop has irregular opening hours. 

Pelles in Sunnaryd

Åmotshage vävhus 

Åmotshage vävhus (weaving house) is located just outside Gislaved on the way to Reftele. The small weaving house is beautifully situated by a gravel road, a stone's throw from Anderstorpaån. Here you can buy and order handmade rag rugs in different colours and patterns. For more information and opening hours, visit the Åmotshage vävhus website or social media.

Åmotshage vävhus

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Gladebo outdoor 

Gladebo Outdoor is a small outdoor shop located in the village of Våthults. Here you can buy a variety of products for outdoor cooking, outdoor life and hunting, as well as Swedish handicraft products. 

Gladebo Outdoor


Erikson Cottages Farm Bakery

Erikson's sourdough bread has become something of their signature in the farm bakery. They spend a lot of time and love on the sourdough because it takes 48 hours for it to be ready to be baked. The raw materials for the bakery come from local suppliers. All the flour they use is KRAV-grown culture grain. If you want to bake bread from this flour yourself, it is for sale in the bakery.

Erikson Cottage’s Farm Bakery


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