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Get your skates on and take to one of our beautiful lakes or outdoor ice rinks


Skating on lakes

When the water freezes in our lakes, it's time to get your skates on, pack a picnic lunch and head out for a trip in sparkling winter landscapes. But before heading out, it's important to think about being safe out on the ice. Knowledge of the properties of ice, weak points and the influence of weather and wind. That you have the right equipment with you such as ice spikes, lifelines and ice claws. And finally, be sure to have company. Never go out onto the ice alone. 

Good information about ice safety can be found on both the issä website and Friluftfrämjandet's website.

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Temporary outdoor ice rinks

During the cold seasons, outdoor ice rinks are created in several of our locations, but because this is done on a voluntary basis, not always in every location.
Current information about outdoor ice rinks is posted on Visit Gislaved's Facebook and Instagram pages, so be sure to get up-to-date before setting off. 

Ice rink locations:

Åtteråsskolan in Smålandsstenar
Bureskolan in Burseryd
Ängslyckansskola in Ås
The hockey arena in Reftele
Anderstorp Ekenskolan
The tennis court in Broaryd

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The district has an ice rink that is open daily to the public during the winter season. The ice rink is located in the Gisle area in Gislaved, and skating is completely free of charge.

Skating with a hockey stick and soft puck is allowed on certain days. 

If you do not have your own equipment, visit Fritidsbanken, located in Gislerinken, where equipment can be borrowed for free.