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Christmas markets & Christmas inspiration


🎄 Christmas at Stora Segerstad November 18-19

🎄 Christmas in Gislaved December 2

🎄 Christmas in Smålandsstenar 2 December

🎄 Christmas bazaar at Gislaved's industrial museum 3 December

🎄 Christmas signage in Anderstorp 3 December

🎄 Christmas market in Hestra December 3

🎄 Christmas in Släthult 10 December

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December 2-3 all over western Småland, the majority of our farm shops are open and offer inspiration, fire up the mulled wine and capture the magical Christmas feeling. Experiences with sustainable, local shopping are offered. There will be locally produced food, drinks and delicacies here.

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⭐ Angel light in Anderstorp church December 7

⭐ Christmas concert with Gislaved's big band and Peter Asplund 9 December

⭐ We wish you a merry Christmas December 16

Image illustrating Julkonsert Med Gislaved Storband och Peter Asplund Image illustrating Musik i julbrådskan